Quality First, Last and Forever.

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Our Vision

We believe that success lies in hard work coupled with quality, leadership, innovation and adaptation to ever changing technology and global standards.

We take our clients through the journey of what we believe in, to help them attain their goals. The success of our clients is the testimony for the quality of our service.

                                                                                   - Gopikumar Associates
                                                                                         Chartered Accountants

RADES - Our Style of Work

With demanding global standards and the ever changing market scenario spelling stiff competition and transparency, the race to success doesn't involve hard work alone but a deep penetration in to the problems and squeeze through the bottlenecks.

We in GKA, Receive You with respect, Analyze your business problems, Develop an expert solution, Evaluate with a run, Support You through out the way, there comes our style of serving You known as "RADES".

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